Thursday, January 19, 2006

Totally Wired

Finally after a long time of hard work, my website is at a stage where I can post it online! Its up now and my first few articles have been posted. Hopefully I'll carry on with my blog as well as posting the same articles on my website...I'm not entirely sure what the point of this would be but I dont want to abandon my trusty blog! Anway, go check out my website! Its got articles from the blog on it, and a couple of new ones, but it looks a whole lot prettier. By the way, due to a couple of bugs, at the moment it only looks right viewed at 1024-768. Apoligies for this, hopefully I'll sort it out soon when I have some time. Totally Wired

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Autumn Whitehurst Illustration

Not too much to say about Autumn Whitehurst. Her illustration is very pretty and it impressed me. Therefore it gained a space in my Blog. Autumn Whitehurst

Audrey Kawasaki

Yet again, I stumbled upon some beautiful artwork whilst aimlessly scouring the web. Audrey Kawasaki, who studied fine art for 2 years at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY, creates these stunning paintings by painting oil onto wood. The paintings end up looking fantastic against the light colour of the wood. The actual paintings themself are quite creepy, often sexual but somewhat childish at the same time. There is also a hint of some oriental influence in Audreys work. As always, I recommend you take a look yourself to see how good this work actually is. Audrey Kawasaki

Floria Sigismondi

For some reason I totally love these disturbing photographs. Dark and twisted, but somehow beautiful at the same time, Floria's photography has been exhibited all over the world, and she has worked with many artists including The White Stripes, David Bowie, The Cure, Marilyn Manson, among many others. Florias images exist in a theatre setting that is both narrative and starkly visual, revealing the poetic and sometimes macabre world. Her work is frightening, mysterious, complex and compelling. See Florias work at her website after the jump. Florias Website

Tom Judds Once-A-Week

New from the amazingly talented artist who brought us Everyday, Tom Judd has begun the new year with yet another quality art project. As with his previous project, Tom will be creating a page of art, only this time it will be on page a week, inspired by events that have happened throughout said week. The end result SHOULD be a set of 52 personal images...however, there is another plan. For each page created, Tom has put up for sale, 63 3cm/3cm squares. For each square purchased, he will replicated the requested image of the buyer onto a 3cm/3cm sticker, and place it into one of the squares, which is also requested by the buyer. Tom will be essentially destroying his artwork with advertising at £50 a pop. Each page will then be sold on E-bay for a bargain starting price of 1p per page!! Of course, all of this is to aid Tom in a university experiment, but the idea is non-the-less original and highly appealling to fans of Everyday. Once-A-Week


A friend of mine the other day recommended I check out this website, and I'm very glad that I took her advice. By signing up to this website, and downloading two small pieces of software, you create a profile which is continually updated whenever you listen to new music. The website acts a little bit like Myspace, in that you can create a profile and add friends, and pictures etc. The coolest thing however, is the Last FM player. Using this little piece of software, you can type in the name of one of your favourite artists, and the player will add you to a customised "radio station" which plays high quality music, based on the genre of the band you typed in! Its a great way to discover new music, and listen to songs by your favourite artists as well. I strongly recommend checking this cool website out as soon as you can!

Check out Last.FM after the jump:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Notwist - Neon Golden

Another great album I highly recommend. The newest album from The Notwist is an indie electronic/ambient treat. Originally a hardcore punk band, they seem to have found their niche with this album. Standout tracks are Pilot, One With The Freaks and Consequence, with the bands intricate sound remaining, but with much better ideas and an altogether more accessible sound. In Pick Up The Phone, the lead singers vocals are deconstructed, then pieced back together half way through, making a dizzy, nauseating moment during the song leaving the listener with a slightly uneasing feeling, but you cannot help to love the song anyway. The vocals are amazing, and you often find yourself simply listening to his voice instead of following what he is actually saying.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

New Beck Video feat.Sony QRIO

The Sony QRIO is so damn cute! Look at them doing their funny little dance. The only four working QRIO's feature in the new beck video, dancing away happily. The song is called "Hell Yes". Personally I prefer the last single, but its still a good effort from the legend that is Beck. But even so, the video is just great. I cant wait until the Sony QRIO is officially available! Better start saving now though. Check out the video : Beck - Hell Yes, or find out more about that cute little fella: Sony QRIO.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Awesome flash movie

This is just awesome. Its really not enough to describe it so go and watch it. It starts as a skeleton, then skin is added, then underwear, and finally clothes... Really, its excellent. Go watch it! The clip

Monday, November 14, 2005


Digital Design Library. Its a pretty simple concept. Everyday a new link is added to the site to the work of a designer, fashion photographer or artist. The result is a nice eclectic mix of work from all sorts of people. Some of it is pretty, some of it is controversial, and some of it is just damn strange. But its all great. Take a look. Dlounge


Yet again our morbid curiosity has led us to another wierd and wonderful website. PostSecret is a blog where people send in postcards, on which are written their deepest and darkest secrets. The postcards are often great artwork in themselves, and although it is pretty likely that the contributors make up the secrets, there is still something strangly satisfying in the knowledge that many people have much stranger skeletons in their closets than you do. PostSecret.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tom Judd Completes "Everyday"

After a year of producing a single piece of work everyday, Tom Judd has finally completed his project. Congratulations are in order, as everyone knows how hard it is to say you'll do something everyday, and actually do it. Check it out at his website after the jump, or read the previous post.

Tom Judds Everyday
Related Article

Myspace brought out

It probably won't be new news to anyone who already visits this online community, but the website Myspace has been brought out by Rupert Murdoch for a cool 500 Million dollars. Although this may seem like a pretty steep pricetag for a blogging website, in the longrun Mr Murdoch will have got himself a bargain. Rumors have started about his plans for the website, one of which is very interesting; the plans for myspace are to become a competitor for MTV. It has been said that because of the 22 million youngsters that use the website, there is a strong enough fanbase to start a franchise based upon the website. So I wouldn't be too suprised if we see a Myspace TV station, and Myspace music channel in the not so distant future. Considering most of the users of Myspace are of the MTV generation, this could be an interesting prospect. Watch out for more news about Mr Murdochs plans for world domination.

Cool modern furniture

These mirrors are really cool. There all attached to a metal frame so that you can adjust them however you want, and the effect is nice! Perfect for any modern home. Theres loads of cool modern furniture online at, but one look at the price tags will probably make sure that the only shopping done on this website is window shopping! Nice none-the-less. Take a look.